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HPS/MAG 2015/2016


Abe0050 Abelmoschus manihot G ornamental okra, sunset hibiscusAn. Sun. 6+ x 3'. Summer-Fall.522-Yellow. A back-of-the-border plant. Pale lemony yellow flowers (like tissue paper) with red inside. Best photo and description found in Wayne Winterrowd's Annuals for Connoisseurs. Germ: Soak, 1 hr in lukewarm water before sowing; BC; BH, 5-30 d; soaking is essential. Kushner.
590-Pale yellow flowers with burgundy throat. Mahony.
817-Six inch wide sulfur yellow flowers most of the summer, especially if deadheaded. Has been overwintering at the JC Raulston Arboretum. Entirely worthy as an annual. Ruhren.
2515-Pale yellow bloom, with a maroon eye. Nice looking plant with yellow flowers. Interesting seed heads and leaves on this easy to grow annual. Germ: NST. Doblmaier.
3262-Pale yellow bloom with maroon center. Germ: Soak: overnight. Soaking speeds germination, but is not required. Grindrod.
Abe1000 Abelmoschus manihot 'Mischief' G musk mallowTenPer. Sun/PtShade. 20 x 16-20".627-These seeded themselves this year (despite the harsh winter), and I was very glad to see the small coral-pink faces of the flowers. Very pretty! For me they were only
12-15". McShane.
Abe1070 Abelmoschus moschatus 'Pacific Red' G musk mallowTenPer. Sun. 1½-2 x 1-1½'. Summer-Fall.522-Orange-red blooms. Kushner.
Abu2100 Abutilon 'Voodoo' G flowering mapleTenPer. Sun/PtShade. 6 x 1'. Spring-Fall. Zone 7b-10b.627-Four foot shrub with three-inch, bell-shaped crimson flowers. Germ: W; 21 d. McShane.
Ace0030 Acer buergerianum G trident maple, threetoothed mapleTree. Sun. 30 x 25'. Zone 5-9.3001-Native to Eastern China, named for its wide, trilobed leaves. To 20-30', with attractive red/orange fall color. Popular for Bonsai. Germ: CMS: 60 d. Seed has been moist packed warm, so will need 2 mo cold on receipt. Gregg.
Ace0200 Acer davidii G snakebark mapleTree. PtShade. 20 x 15'. Spring.199-Understory tree with striking green- and whitestriped bark. Perhaps one of the better adapted snakebark maples for our climate. The parent tree was raised from seed from the Kalmthout Arboretum in 1978. Native to China. Cresson.
Ace0500 Acer griseum G paperbark mapleTree. Sun/ PtShade. 30 x 30'. Spring. Zone 4-8.2294-Small tree. Seedlings sprout beneath mine. Germ: Sun to partial shade; prefers moist, well-drained soil but grows in a variety of soil types, not drought tolerant. Squitiere.
3001-Asian native with distinctive/decorative cinnamon color, peeling bark. Fall leaf color red/orange. To
20-30'. Germ: CMS: 90 d. Seed has a notoriously low germination rate (10-15%). Seed is moist packed warm, so will need 90-120 d cold on receipt. Gregg.
Ace0900 Acer palmatum G japanese red mapleTree. Sun/PtShade. 15-25 x 15-25'. Spring. Zone 6-9.2937-Seed is from a 20' tall tree with purple foliage. Seedlings also show a range of purple foliage and should have a similar mature height. Bittmann.
Ace0920 Acer palmatum 'Arakara' G cork bark mapleTree. Sun/PtShade. 15 x 15'. Zone 5-8.3177-Green-leaved, red seeded. Deep red fall color. Gibson.
Ace1000 Acer palmatum (Dissectum Group) 'Crimson Queen' G japanese mapleTree. Sun/PtShade. 8-10 x 10-12'. Spring.2483-Seedlings are upright with various leaf shapes and colors—some black-maroon, some sea-green with red picotee to leaf edge, and variations in between. Leaf lobes tend to be not as long and thin as parent, but more so than species. Barrett.
Ace1400 Acer pensylvanicum 'Erythrocladum' G moosewood, snakebarkTree. Sun/PtShade. 8-10'. Zone 5-8.199-This small tree has green- and white-striped bark and, in winter, white- and pink/red-striped bark, with brilliant coral shoots, striped with white. Yellow fall color on this native snakebark. Cresson.
Ach2000 Achimenes species G hot water plantTenPer. Shade. Summer-Fall.592-Traditional pass along, trailing purple trumpets out of pots or hugging ground. Shade a must. Store scaley rhizomes frost-free. Slow to start, but blooms unfailingly. Generous increase. Malocsay.
Acm0050 Acmella oleracea (syn Spilanthes oleracea) G eyeball plant, toothache plant, para cressTenPer. Sun/PtShade. 12-18 x 12-15". Summer-Fall. Zone 9b-11.554-Germ: SIS, NST. Levine.
Aco1050 Aconitum carmichaelii G Per. PtShade. 18 x 18"; from5-6' in bloom. Fall.
1277-Blue flowers. Late blooming. Haas.
Aco1060 Aconitum carmichaelii 'Arendsii' G monkshoodPer. PtShade. 6 x 3'. Fall.2294-Large, true blue flowers. Blooms in fall, 3-4' high. Squitiere.
Act0810 Actea dahurica (syn Cimicifuga dahurica) G fairy candles, siberian bugbanePer. Sun/PtShade. 2-8 x 3'. Summer-Fall.5024-Tall, airy spires of very fragrant, white blooms. Bee magnet. Germ: CMS: 90 d, WMS: 60 d, WMS/CMS/ WMS; BH; 2 yr. Slow germinator, but spreads once established. Deutsch.
Act0865 Actaea japonica 'Cheju Do' (syn Cimicifuga japonica 'Cheju Do') G cheju island bugbanePer. PtShade/Shade. 1 x 1-2; to 4-5' in bloom. Summer/Fall. Zone 4-8.5024-White blooms. Foliage emerges with a purple hue. Prolific flower spikes. Germ: CMS: 90 d, WMS: 60 d, WMS/CMS/WMS; 2 yr. Deutsch.
Act0900 Actaea racemosa (Con G 1527-White flowers. Germ: NST; SIS. Plant in moderately acid humus-rich loam, 1-2 hr morning sun. Felton.
2429-White flowers in summer. Germ: Cycle: W-C-W. Bricker.
Act1000 Actaea rubifolia G appalachian bugbanePer. Sun/PtShade. 6-8 x 1-2'. Summer. Zone 3-8.926-White blooms. Streeter.
2429-A late summer white-blooming bugbane with bold foliage. Flower stalks are held stiffly upright. Germ: Cycle. Bricker.
Act2000 Actaea simplex Atropurpurea Group (syn Cimicifuga ramosa var atropurpurea) G bugbanePer. PtShade. 4 x 4'; from 6-7' in bloom. Fall.318-Fragrant, white flowers in September. Foliage dark purple. Turns dark green in fall. From plant acquired as 'Hillside Black Beauty'. Garnett.
1277-White flowers. Fragrant blooms in fall. Foliage not black, only dark green. Best put seeds in pot and overwinter, maybe even two years. Haas.
Adi6000 Adina rubella G glossy adinaShrub. PtShade.5-6 x 5-6'. Summer.
208-Funky Sputnik-like white flowers on tips of branches. Handsome small shrub with luxuriant glossy green foliage. Germ: CMS. Dahlke.
2137-White blooms. An upright, spreading loose shrub with arching branches and fragrant white buttonbush-like flowers on rounded heads from summer to fall. Boylan.
Adl0050 Adlumia fungosa G climbing fumitory, climbing bleeding heartBien. PtShade. 6-12'. Summer-Fall.199-Pale pink blooms. Native biennial for semishade. A ferny rosette in the first yr produces climbing stems in the second yr which scramble up to 12', flowering most of the summer with numerous small bleeding heart-like flowers. Self-sows enough to persist without being a pest. Cresson.
Aes0050 Aesculus x carnea 'Briotii' G ruby red horsechestnutTree. Sun/PtShade. 25 x 25'. Zone 5-8.1277-Red. Tree growing to 30-40'. Cross between A. Pavia & A. hippocastanum. Germ: CMS: 120 d; R. Aesculus seed is intolerant of drying and freezing temps. Must be stored in fridge in moist peat until can be planted. Haas. Aes0300
Aes0500 Aesculus pavia Eco Dwarf Form G red buckeyeShrub/Tree. Sun/PtShade. 9 x 15'. Early Summer.199-Nice dwarf form. Clear red blooms early May with dogwoods, azaleas, camassia. Yellow fall color. 9' in 15 yr. Best in part shade. Found in Walker County, NW Georgia by Don Jacobs of Eco Gardens. Cresson.
Aga1750 Agapanthus species/cultivar TenPer G Sun. 1½ x 1½'; to 3' in bloom. Summer.926-Blue flowers. Streeter.
Aga2000 Agastache 'Astello Indigo' G Per. Sun. 2'. Zone 6-9.1277-Blue-purple blooms. Root beer scent, Very attractive to bees and butterflies. Haas.
Aga2650 Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee' G anise hyssopPer. Sun. 3-5 x 1-2'. Summer-Fall.1277-Blue flowers. Nice golden foliage stays bright for most of the summer. Haas.
2294-Purple flowers. Chartreuse, fragrant foliage. Reseeds. Blooms first year from seed. Germ: NST. Easy. Looks good with blue neighbor. Scatter seeds. Squitiere. Aga2950
Aga3700 Agastache rupestris G sunset hyssop, licorice mintPer./Subshrub. Sun. 3 x 3'. Summer-Fall.199-Salmony pink blooms. Wispy, hardy, well-behaved perennial with gray-green foliage that likes to seed into sunny dry, well-drained cracks and crevices, as well as open ground. Cresson.
Aga3800 Agastache rupestris 'Apache Sunset' G Per. Sun. 1-2'. Zone 6-9.2937-Peach/rose, long-blooming flowers. Hard to describe color on plants which love full sun and laugh at drought. Nicely scented foliage and popular with hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Bittmann.
Aga4000 Agastache scrophulariifolia G purple giant hyssopPer. Sun/PtShade. 2-5' x 18-23". Summer. Zone 4-9.1684-Broekhuis.
Alc0050 Alcea rosea (all colors) G hollyhockBien./Per. Sun. 2 x 2'; from 6-8' in bloom. Summer.200-Rose, pink, white blooms in singles and doubles to
6-8'. Germ: NST. Creveling.
Alc0100 Alcea rosea (yellow/cream) G hollyhockBien. Sun. 2 x 2'; to 6 or 8' in bloom. Summer.239-A wonderful soft yellow, single flower for the summer garden. Germ: NST. Doering.
Ali1050 Alisma lanceolatum G water plantainPer. Sun/ PtShade. 1 x 1'; to 2' in bloom. Summer.199-Pink flowers. Grows at water's edge or in water several inches deep. Numerous tiny pink flowers on much-branched stems give a baby's-breath-like effect. Attractive clean foliage. A miniature of the more common A. plantago-aquatica. Perfect for the garden pool. Cresson. All4900
All6100 Allium 'Millennium' G ornamental onionBulb. Sun/PtShade. 1½ x 1½'. Summer.522-Rose-purple flowers. Lovely July-August bloomer. Front of border. Kushner.
2294-Lavender flowers, hardy bulb. Squitiere.
All7510 Allium senescens ssp montanum var glaucum G PerBulb. Sun. 4 x 8". Summer.199-Pink flowers. August bloom above gray-green glaucous foliage. An easy rock garden plant and strong enough for other uses among low-growing plants. Cresson.
All8100 Allium thunbergii G ornamental onionBulb. Sun/PtShade. 6-12 x 6-9". Fall. Zone 4-9.199-Deep pink flowers. A clumping onion with bunches of narrow leaves all season, topped with 12" stems with deep pink flowers in Autumn. Cresson.
All8200 Allium trioccum G ramp, spring onion, wild leekBulb. Shade/PtShade. 8". Summer. Zone 3-7.703-White blooms. Perennial bulb. Native. Edible. Ondra.
All8300 Allium tuberosum G garlic chives, chinese chivesPer. Sun. 10-20 x 6"; to 2' in bloom. Summer-Fall.199-Late summer clumps of white flowers are most welcome, but deadheading the overly fertile seeds is well advised. Or, you can saute the tender young flower stalks. A useful oriental vegetable. Cresson.
1020-White flowers. Late bloomer with pleasing seed heads. Culinary and ornamental. Germ: NST; SIS. Wiedorn.
1684-White blooms. Broekhuis.
2294-White blooms. Deadhead to help control reseeding. Squitiere.
All8400 Allium victorialis G alpine leekBulb. PtShade. 6 x 12"; to 12" in bloom. Spring.199-Greenish white flowers. Wide leaves make this onion especially interesting. European native. Summer dormant. Cresson.
Alt1100 Althaea cannabina G Per. Sun. 7 x 2-3'. Late Summer- Fall.118-Germ: Scfy; BC; W; 3 mo. Stonecrop Gardens.
Ama1040 Amaranthus caudatus 'Green Tails' G green love lies bleedingAn. Sun. 3-4' x 2'. Summer-Fall.951-Pale green blooms. Germ: BH, BC. Tracey.
Ama1090 Amaranthus cruentus 'Hot Biscuits' G prince's featherAn. Sun. 4-5'. Summer-Fall.2294-Bronze blooms. Annual, nice for fall color. Germ: SIS. Direct sow after frosts. Squitiere.
Ama1500 Amaranthus 'Hopi Red Dye' G An. Sun. 3-4 x 2'. Summer-Fall.2937-Red blooms. Bittmann. Amm1050Ammi visnaga. An. Sun. 3-4 x 2'. Summer.
200-White flowers. Plant looks like Queen Anne's Lace, but foliage is ferny. Great for arrangements. Germ: SIS. Self-sows. Creveling.
Amo3250 Amorpha canescens G leadplantShrub. Sun/ PtShade. 3 x 5'. Summer-Fall.199-Purple blooms. Deeply rooted plants with hairy gray foliage tolerate sun and drought with ease. Dense racemes of tiny purple flowers in early to mid summer. Cresson.
Ams0050 Amsonia hubrichtii G blue star, arkansas amsoniaPer. Sun/PtShade. 3 x 3-4'. Spring.1277-Pale blue flowers. Threadlike foliage turns butter yellow in fall. Haas.
2294-Light blue blooms. Soft wands of foliage. Plant where you can brush against it. Fantastic fall color. Squitiere.
2429-Blue flowers. Bright gold fall color. Germ: CMS: 90 d. Bricker.
3006-Native perennial, 3 x 2'. Lovely spring thru early winter. Pale blue flowers. Several years to reach its full potential. Mayer.
Ams0250 Amsonia illustris G ozark blue starPer. Sun/ PtShade. 4' x 18". Late Spring-Early Summer.1684-Clusters of powder blue, starry flowers in May, over a dense mound of shiny willowy leaves. Yellow fall color. Germ: CMS: 45 d; BH. Broekhuis.
Ams2050 Amsonia tabernaemontana G blue starSun/ PtShade. 2 x 1½'. Spring/Summer.3006-Light blue blooms. Beautiful shrub-like habit. Native. Leaves do not turn yellow-olive until midNovember. Germ: OS; SIS. Mayer.
Ane0030 Anemone altaica G Per. PtShade. 18".2137-White blooms. A rare windflower found in forests, scrub, streamsides in China, Russia and Romania. Similar to the common Anemone nemorosa but thicker and flowers have blue-violet veining on white tepals. Trifoliate, dark green leaves in whorls of three on plants to 8" tall are delightful. Germ: W; 90 d. Sow immediately. The viability of these seeds is short or the species propagates best with fresh seed. Stored seed might be coaxed into germination with temperature cycling and patience. Boylan.
Ane1050 Anemone hupehensis G Per. Sun/PtShade. 3 x 1½'. Summer-Fall.1939-Light rose pink flowers that are darker on the back side. 2-3'. Germ: BH. If no germination in 2-4 wk, move to cold 24-39°F for 2-4 wk and then WMS. Urffer.
Ane5500 Anemone sylvestris G snowdrop anemone, wood anemonePer. PtShade. 6 x 12"; to 18" in bloom. Spring.5024-Early bloomer, nodding white flowers, dense foliage, ground cover. Spreads by stolons. Germ: CMS: 30 d; BH; SS; 20 d. Deutsch.
Ane9500 Anemonopsis macrophylla G false anemonePer. PtShade. 2½ x 1½'. Summer.118-Pale lavender blooms. A Japanese aristocrat. Handsome, glossy, dissected foliage. Late-season, nodding, waxy, pink-purple, anemone-like flowers. Wonderful in a woodland setting. Partial shade. Germ: C; L; SR. Stonecrop Gardens.6 HPS/MAG 2015-2016 Seed Exchange Catalog Anethum graveolens - Argemone polyanthemos
Ane9800 Anethum graveolens G dill2294-Yellow flowers. Annual herb, 3'+/-, bees, butterflies, host plant for swallowtails. Squitiere.
Ang1050 Angelica gigas G korean angelicaBien./Per. PtShade/Shade. 6-8 x 2-3'. Summer.558-Purple blooms. Bees love this tall biennial for part shade. Easy germination. Germ: SIS, NST. Lewis.
2294-Purple bloom. Tall, 4-5' perennial. Late season bloom. Squitiere.
2937-Big and bold with dark purple flowers which the bees and wasps love. Will take 2-3 yr to reach blooming size and will likely die afterwards. Bittmann.
Ang3010 Angelica polymorpha G Per. Sun/PtShade. 3-4'x 1-3'. Summer. Zone 5.118-White blooms. Exquisite, airy umbels of white flowers and attractive lobed leaves. The flowering umbels look like a perfect firework display. A choice plant. Perennial to 6'. Sun. Germ: WMS: 21 d; Cycle: Follow with cold period for 35 d. Once seed has germinated, keep pans cool (41-54°). BC. Stonecrop Gardens.
Ant2000 Anthericum ramosum G Per. Sun. 2-3'. Summer.703-Dainty white flowers in midsummer. Ondra.
Ant3050 Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing' G black cow parsleyBien. Sun. 2½ x 2'. Spring-Summer.703-White blooms on perennial. Dark foliage. Germ: Self sows. Ondra.
965-Tall, white flowers on perennial chervil. While the early summer umbels are just the icing on the cake, the plant is primarily grown for its purple-black ferny foliage, complements spring pastels. Excellent in spring. Suffers in summer heat. Germ: SR. Umphrey.
Ant4020 Antirrhinum hispanicum G Per. Sun. 1 x 1-2'. Spring and Fall. Zone 5a-8b.199-Semi-hardy perennial or annual with mounds of fuzzy gray foliage about a 1 x 1'. Pink flowers with a yellow lip all summer. Sun and good drainage, preferably a loose gritty soil, but adaptable. Remarkably hardy and self sows. Cresson.
Ant4300 Antirrhinum species G snapdragonAn. Sun/ PtShade.592-Spring/fall mix of good colors. Bushy, volunteering when it came, undiminished three years now. Short-lived perennial here, especially floriferous as summer cools into fall. Prefers sun/part shade, spring/fall, 1-2' tall. Germ: SIS, NST. Malocsay.
Api1000 Apios americana G groundnut, potato beanPerVine. Sun/PtShade.10'. Summer. Zone 3-7.269-Maroon and cream blooms. This is a vigorous native vine that can reach 10' and cover nearby shrubs, a nitrogen-fixing legume. Prefers rich, moist soil and best used in natural areas where it can spread at will (it typically is found on the banks of creeks and rivers). It could also be trained up a sturdy trellis or allowed to climb over very vigorous shrubs. The ½" flowers are peashaped and are borne in clusters that resemble 2-3" long wisteria blossoms. The tubers are edible. Germ: 10-30 d. Sow seeds in individual pots, and pinch them back when stems begin to elongate. Ellis.
Aqu0050 Aquilegia alpina G alpine columbinePer. Sun.1-1½ x 1'; to 2½'. Late Spring-Summer.
507- Small with pendant, dark blue blossoms. Very nice. Kolo.
926-Deep blue flowers. Original seed from Switzerland forty years ago. Other columbines have come and gone, but this one has persisted for many years. Self-sows. Streeter.
1017-Fantastic large cobalt-blue flowers. Short lived, but seeds freely. A very nice columbine. Whitesell.
Aqu1270 Aquilegia 'Blue and White' G columbinePer. Sun/ PtShade.1½-2 x 1-1½'. Spring.522-Blue and white flowers on a tall, long-blooming columbine notable for its sticky stems. Kushner. Aqu2500
Aqu4000 Aquilegia species (individual colors) G columbinePer. Sun/PtShade. 2 x 1'. Spring.84-Double white flowers, comes true from seed. Two feet perennial for partial shade. Bowditch.
554-Yellow and red blooms. Similar to A. canadensis except much taller Germ: W; SIS, NST. Levine.
Aqu4100 Aquilegia species (mixed colors) G columbinePer. Sun/PtShade. 2 x 1'. Spring.318-Purple, blue, and white flowers. Garnett.
Aqu5000 Aquilegia vulgaris G columbinePer. Sun/PtShade. 2 x 1½'. Spring-Summer.199-White, pink, blue, purple flowers. A dependable classic garden plant for May bloom. Cresson.
Aqu5300 Aquilegia vulgaris 'Hedgleigh Bicolor' G columbineBien. PtShade. 25 x 12". Spring.199-Blue with white center flowers on a self-supporting plant. Shorter than the species. A selection of Charles Cresson that breeds true. Cresson.
Aqu5929 Aquilegia vulgaris (pink) G columbinePer. Sun/ PtShade. 12 x 12; to 2' in bloom. Late Spring-Early Summer.522-Pink flowers. Gray-green foliage with short-spurred pink flowers. Lovely old-fashioned plant that gently selfsows to form colonies. If isolated, keeps true to color. Germ: CMS; W; or SIS. Kushner.
Aqu5950 Aquilegia vulgaris var stellata 'Nora Barlow' G columbinePer. Sun/PtShade. 2 x 1½'; to 30" in bloom. Spring- Early Summer.507-Pink. Probably 'Nora Barlow'. Very nice. Germ: CMS. Kolo.
Ara2070 Aralia californica G elk clover, california spikenardPer. Sun/PtShade. 3-4'. Late Spring-Early Summer. Zone 3a-8b.32-White compound racemes of umbels on 6-10' tall plants. Plant Delights.
Arg2250 Argemone polyanthemos G prickly poppy, cowboy's fried eggAn. Sun. 2½ x 1'. Summer-Fall.446-White flowers. Beautiful, 3", poppy-like blooms. Don't plant in too rich soil. Germ: C, 6-8 wk, then W. Humphrey.HPS/MAG 2015-2016 Seed Exchange Catalog 7 Arisaema consanguineum variegated - Asclepias purpurascens
Ari0550 Arisaema consanguineum variegated G jack in the pulpitBulb. Sun/PtShade. 2-3 x 1-2'. Late Spring/Early Summer. Zone 5b-9b.3001-Silver-variegated form of consanguineum. Attractive structure. Can be invasive if seed is allowed to spread. Germ: CMS: 30 d, then cool to germinate irregularly. Gregg. Ari2010
Ari2500 Arisaema heterophyllum G cobra lilyPer. PtShade.2-3½ x 1'. Spring.
199-One of the easiest species to grow. Leaves divided into more than a dozen narrow segments. Typical jack-inthe-pulpit flower. Red fruit along with yellow fall foliage. Cresson.
1607-Distinctive horseshoe leaf with unusual green and purple-tinged pitcher (spathe) with a 12" long tongue (spadix). Germ: Refrigerate seed until sowing. Jellinek.
2429-An easy, taller jack-in-the-pulpit with the flower held above the horseshoe-shaped leaf. Bricker.
3321-Green/pale yellow blooms. Grows to 3' tall with large horseshoe leaf and spadix with 1' long tongue. Germ: Soak: 7 d; W. Perron.
Ari3050 Arisaema ringens G Per. PtShade/Shade. 2 x 4'.199-A remarkable Japanese cobra-lily with closed hooded flowers, in early spring. Cresson.
Ari4010 Arisaema sikokianum G Per. PtShade/Shade. 1½-2½'. Spring.199-Cresson.
Ari4040 Arisaema triphyllum G Per. Shade. Spring.1607-Pale green with burgundy stripes. Native Jack-inthe-Pulpit. Germ: Refrigerate seed until sowing. Jellinek.
Ari7100 Aristolochia debilis G ma dou ling dutchman's pipeTenVine. PtShade. 15'. Summer. Zone 10a-11.32-Small, purple, trumpet-shaped flowers on 13' tall vine. Plant Delights. Ari7250
Arm6000 Armeria welwitschii G thriftTenPer. Sun/PtShade.1684-Pink blooms in spring. Sends up numerous flowering stems from a substantial tuft of strappy leaves. Soft-pink button flowers appear over several weeks in late spring. Semi-evergreen, turning purplish in winter. The species name may be incorrect (as some references rate A. welwitschii hardy only to zone 8, and my plants have survived zone 6 winters without a problem), but it's a nice plant regardless of its name. Germ: W; 10 d. If last year's experience is representative, only a small fraction of seed particles will be viable. Start plenty and you'll have a good crop of seedlings. Broekhuis.
Aro1050 Aronia arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima' G Shrub. 6-8'. Late Spring.1277-White flowers. Stunning fall color and colorful red berries. Germ: CMS 3 mo. Haas.
Aru3010 Aruncus aethusifolius G dwarf goat's beard, korean goat's beardPer. Sun/PtShade. 6 x 10". Summer.239-White flowers. An easy-to-grow addition for the front of a shade garden. Has self-sown in my garden. Doering.
Aru3500 Aruncus dioicus G goat's beardPer. Sun/PtShade. 3½-4'. Summer. Zone 4-8.1939-Fluffy white flowers. 8-12". Great for shade garden. Germ: BH: 75°F 2-3 wk. Urffer.
Asa0450 Asarina procumbens G creeping snapdragonPer. Sun/PtShade. 2 x 24". Summer.208-Yellow flowers. 36 x 6". Grow over wall or cascading down side of tall planters. Germ: Soak; W; 2 wk. Dahlke.
951-Soft yellow blooms. Fun little creeper that self sows in our retaining walls and in sunny or partially shaded gravel areas. Attractive gray-green foliage covered with tiny hairs. Can even be used to trail out of shady planters for a seasonal display. Germ: W; BC. Tracey.
Asc0100 Asclepias curassavica G bloodflower, bloody milkweedTenPer. Sun. 3-4 x 1-1½'. Summer-Fall.1607-Red and orangey yellow blooms. This milkweed attracts monarchs (both for the nectar and as a host plant) and other butterflies, hummingbirds, and many kinds of pollinators. Germ: W. Sow indoors about 2 months before last frost and transplant out after frost. Jellinek.
Asc2500 Asclepias incarnata G swamp milkweedPer. Sun. 4 x 2'. Summer. 507A-Pink form. Monarch food. Kolo. 507B-White form. Monarch food. Kolo. Asc2750 Asclepias incarnata 'Ice Ballet'. SWAMP MILKWEED. Per. Sun. 4 x 4'. Summer-Fall.65-White flowers. Berger. 2515 -White flowers. Great native perennial milkweed that loves wet sites. Food source for the larval stage of Monarch butterflies. Doblmaier.
Asc3050 Asclepias purpurascens G purple milkweedPer. Sun. 2-4 x 1-3'. Late Spring-Early Summer.965-Large, strikingly vivid rose flowers in early summer. Slow to establish, but worth the wait. Umphrey.8 HPS/MAG 2015-2016 Seed Exchange Catalog Asclepias tuberosa - Baptisia australis
Asc4010 Asclepias tuberosa G milkweed, butterfly weedPer. Sun. 2-3 x 1-2'. Summer-Fall. 199 -Orange flowers. Not only does this perennial love heat, drought and sun, you can deadhead it repeatedly and it will repeat bloom all summer! Cresson.200-Orange blooms. Tough native plant. Likes dry soils. Germ: SIS. Creveling.
554-Orange flowers. A great native plant, summerblooming, much-appreciated by Monarch butterfly larvae. Levine.
Asc4200 Asclepias tuberosa 'Hello Yellow' G butterfly weedPer. Sun. 2-3 x 1-2'. Summer-Fall.200-Yellow blooms. Likes dry soil. Creveling.
2515-A great milkweed with yellow flowers. I have mine placed near a violet-flowered veronica—what a statement that made! Loves dry soil. Doblmaier.
Asi1050 Asimina triloba G pawpaw treeShrub/Tree. Sun/ PtShade. 20 x 20'. Spring.2429-Maroon flowers. Small, native tree with edible fruit, tropical foliage. Germ: CMS: 90 d. Long taproot. Seedlings emerge mid to late summer. Bricker.
Asp0050 Asparagus asparagoides G african asparagus fern, bridal creeperPer. 10'32-Minimal, white-yellow-green flowers, 10'. Plant Delights.
Asp4500 Asphodeline lutea G yellow king's spearPer. Sun. 4-5'. Spring/Early Summer.507-Eventually makes a group, very beautiful in bloom. Tends to almost disappear in late summer. From UK seed. Kolo.
2937-Nice gray clumps of thin foliage topped by spikes of yellow flowers in early summer. Bittmann.
Ast0300 Aster ageratoides G japanese asterPer. Sun/ PtShade. 18 x 24". Fall.199-White blooms. This Japanese aster has been going around American nurseries under wrong name of Gymnaster savatieri (an early summer bloomer) for some years and I've just discovered its true ID! Masses of moderate size white daisies Sept-Nov over clean, disease-free, dark green foliage. Long-lasting cut flower!! Spreading by rhizomes, so you could have lots to cut. Cresson.
Ast1200 Aster cordifolius G blue wood asterPer. PtShade. Late Summer-Fall.2294-Blue flowers. Perennial 3' high in bloom (October), tolerates extreme dryness. Great for informal/wilder areas of the garden. Squitiere.
Ast1450 Aster drummondii G Per. Sun/PtShade. 5'. Fall.199-Pale lavender flowers. Branched, dense racemes of numerous, small pale lavender to near white daisies in October. Quite showy and rare. Native. Cresson. Ast2650
Ast4100 Aster novae-angliae G new england asterPer. Sun. 3 x 2'. Fall.2294-Variable pink, lavender flowers. Fall bloom, gets large, best for relaxed areas instead of controlled beds. Cut stems in half before July 4. Germ: Sow @ 68°, slow to germinate. Will bloom first year from seed. Squitiere.
Ast4320 Aster novae-angliae 'Harrington's Pink' G new england asterPer. Sun. Fall.239-Soft pink blooms. Germ: W, BC, NST, SR. Doering.
Ast4470 Aster oblongifolius 'Fanny' G Per. Sun/PtShade. 3-6 x 3'; depends on fertility. Fall.199-Purple-blue flowers. Unbelievably hardy flowers and foliage. In full bloom with green foliage at Thanksgiving. Looks like New England aster. You won't believe it! Native. Cresson.
Ast5600 Astilbe biternata G false goat's beardPer. PtShade/Shade. 2 x 2'; to 3' in bloom.199-Native to our Southeastern states, this species produces a loose plume of white flowers, perfect for a naturalistic effect. Only native species. Cresson.
2137-White blooms. This native astilbe more closely resembles an aruncus with large astilbe-like foliage, topped with tall spikes of whitish flowers in late spring...a great backdrop in the woodland garden. Germ: W; SS; 90 d. Boylan.
Ast5700 Astilbe chinensis var pumila G chinese astilbePer. PtShade/Shade. 9-12 x 9-12". Summer.318-Lavender flowers in July-August. Prefer moist shade. Garnett.
Ast5830 Astilbe 'Fanal' G Per. 18 x 12". Summer.208-Crimson flowers. Clump forming. Dark green foliage. A favorite. Dahlke.
Ast6100 Astilbe thunbergii var okuyamae (syn Astilbe okuyamae) G Per. PtShade/Shade. 12-18 x 18; to 2' in bloom. Summer.199-White flowers. Rare Japanese native with unique light green, quilted foliage on darker petioles. Unique and a personal favorite! Virtually nonexistent in western gardens. My source imported it in the 1980s but lost it years ago. Cresson.