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This is where we can interact a bit. Not like a forum: no threads, no replies. No embedded pictures, or even links for now. We'll keep it simple: if you want to say something, just say it and it will go to the top of the shout list.

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Shout #19 by plantrob, Sep 29 08:48
Seed trading season 2015/2016 is on!
Hi all,
Sometime during the past year, you signed up at the PlantLinks seed trading site. Now that autumn is here and seeds are abundant, let's start trading! If you haven't updated your list in a while, take a few minutes to do so, and look over the lists of others who have been active this year. Any questions or problems, please give me a buzz by sending me an email through my PlantLinks profile.
Happy trading!

Shout #18 by jonna, Aug 17 14:03
Fresh seeds of Trillium chloropetalum rubrum
These seeds need to be really fresh, so only available for a short time.

Shout #17 by jonna, Jun 26 15:56
Some fresh short viable seeds available
Acer palmatum var. atropurpureum (Japanese red Maple) - really short viable
Viola riviniana (Wood Violet)
Anemone nemorosa ( European Wood Anemone)

Shout #16 by plantrob, Mar 21 20:54
Those shouts
When users signed up, the registration form spelled out exactly what their email could be used for. I want to honor that, so shout subscription will have to be opt-in. I will send out an email or two to all users as the year progresses: perhaps one if/when short-viable seeds postings are made here, and another around late September as the trading season ramps up, just to remind those who may have forgotten all about this place.

Shout #15 by jonna, Mar 21 15:09
Shout e-mail received
Works perfect Rob. Thanks!
Maybe it's better to enable it for everyone, with the option to disable it. The start of
PlantLinks was after the trading season, so people might have forgotten their subscription when seed trading starts again. Also I think it will be very useful for offering or asking for short viable seeds.

Shout #11 by plantrob, Mar 21 14:14
Shouting louder
Following up on the suggestion below, I have implemented "broadcast" shouting on PlantLinks. When you mark a shout as "Broadcast", it will send an email to all users who have subscribed to shouts as a profile option. To start with, I enabled this option for poisondartfrog and jonna, since they suggested it. Let me know if it needs tweaking.

Shout #10 by plantrob, Mar 20 22:17
Excellent suggestions
While not everybody will want to be notified of every "shout", I can make that a profile option. I'll work on that soon. As for recent changes to trade lists - that's a little trickier. As things work right now, every time a new trade list gets uploaded, the previous one simply gets deleted. It would take some more administration to "notice" changes, but I agree it would be a neat feature. I'll think about that - got a while to do so before the fall trading season starts :-)

Shout #9 by poisondartfrog, Mar 15 08:42
I'm with Jonna. I'm pretty much set for this season, but I am looking forward to trading with many of you this fall. By then perhaps we will have more members, too.

An email that there is a new "Shout" would be useful, or some other way to flag the Shout Link so that we will know there is a new one.

It would also be nice if there was a consistent method for letting people know when new items have been added to a list aside from the date indicating a change was made. It would be great to know what had been added if indeed anything was. In alphabetical lists it will get to be quite time consuming to ferret out the latest additions....just a thought. It could be just a symbol added by the poster if there are not other viable universal options.

Shout #8 by jonna, Mar 09 15:36
Short viable seeds
Some seeds are very short viable. May I ask the members to post a 'shout' if they are available. I'm sure a lot of people are interested in those seeds. We just forget to search the trading lists as soon as the gardening season has started, haha.
Rob, may I ask you if it is possible to generate an e-mail to all of us if a new 'shout' is posted?

Shout #7 by jonna, Mar 09 15:31
I already traded for a lot of seeds, so I'm not really looking for seeds at the moment. I suppose it's the same with most of you. I'm looking forward to the end of the season, so we can trade seeds.

Shout #6 by jaynine, Feb 21 20:08
Please share your knowledge of out-of-the-ordinary seed suppliers and/or organizational seed exchanges that are open to non-members. I've looked at many, many sites and catalogs but am always searching... I order/have ordered from JL Hudson, Geo, Thyme Garden, Seedhunt, Everwilde, Horizon Herbs (no more), hardyplants, Special Plants & many others. Who are your favorites?

Shout #5 by plantrob, Feb 21 19:35
User Feedback
OK, I put something like that in place. Now let's get some trades going!

Shout #4 by jonna, Feb 21 14:14
User feedback
I don't know what is technical possible, but a 1-5 rating with the possibility to give a personal comment, looks ideal to me. A beginner might rate a trader with 5 stars/points because they got a lot of seeds that arrived very soon, but more experienced gardeners rate traders by looking at the germination rate and labeling the seeds with the right name.

Shout #3 by plantrob, Feb 21 10:03
User Feedback
I agree that there needs to be something. Should it be free-form comments that any other user can add, and that show up at a trader's profile page? Numeric ratings? I want to have checks and balances, but also value civility and kindness.

Shout #2 by jonna, Feb 21 08:53
How should we do user feedback
I think it will be very useful to have user feedback. I know most people who subscribed already from tradings or their website and I know they are reliable, but when this gets bigger, it will also attract less reliable persons.

Shout #1 by plantrob, Feb 19 23:34
How should we do user feedback
I'll start. Most trade and exchange site have a way for users to provide reviews or ratings of each other. Should PlantLinks do this? How would you like to see it done?