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Family: droseraceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Drosera

Drosera hybrids and unidentified species
Drosera aberrans
Drosera adelae
Drosera affinis
Drosera aliciae
Drosera anglica
Drosera arcturi
Drosera banksii
Drosera binata
Drosera brevifolia
Drosera broomensis
Drosera bulbosa
Drosera burmannii
Drosera callistos
Drosera capensis
Drosera capillaris
Drosera chrysolepis
Drosera cistiflora
Drosera closterostigma
Drosera collinsiae
Drosera communis
Drosera cuneifolia
Drosera derbyensis
Drosera dichrosepala
Drosera dielsiana
Drosera dilatatopetiolaris
Drosera echinoblastus
Drosera eneabba
Drosera erythrorhiza
Drosera falconeri
Drosera felix
Drosera filiformis
Drosera glabripes
Drosera glanduligera
Drosera graminifolia
Drosera graomogolensis
Drosera hamiltonii
Drosera hartmeyerorum
Drosera helodes
Drosera hilaris
Drosera hyperostigma
Drosera indica
Drosera intermedia
Drosera kaieteurensis
Drosera kenneallyi
Drosera lasiantha
Drosera leucoblasta
Drosera linearis
Drosera macrantha
Drosera madagascariensis
Drosera mannii
Drosera menziesii
Drosera meristocaulis
Drosera montana
Drosera natalensis
Drosera neocaledonica
Drosera nidiformis
Drosera nitidula
Drosera oblanceolata
Drosera occidentalis
Drosera omissa
Drosera ordensis
Drosera oreopodion
Drosera paleacea
Drosera pallida
Drosera paradoxa
Drosera parvula
Drosera pauciflora
Drosera pedicellaris
Drosera peltata
Drosera petiolaris
Drosera platypoda
Drosera platystigma
Drosera prolifera
Drosera pulchella
Drosera pygmaea
Drosera ramellosa
Drosera regia
Drosera roraimae
Drosera rotundifolia
Drosera rupicola
Drosera schizandra
Drosera scorpioides
Drosera sessilifolia
Drosera slackii
Drosera spatulata
Drosera spp
Drosera stenopetala
Drosera stolonifera
Drosera stricticaulis
Drosera sulphurea
Drosera tracyi
Drosera trinervia
Drosera tubaestylis
Drosera uniflora
Drosera villosa
Drosera whittakeri
Drosera zonaria

Last updated:05 Jul 2017