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Family: cactaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Mammillaria

Mammillaria backebergiana
Mammillaria bocasana
Mammillaria bombycina
Mammillaria celsiana
Mammillaria compressa
Mammillaria crinita
Mammillaria crucigera
Mammillaria densispina
Mammillaria dioica
Mammillaria dixanthocentron
Mammillaria duwei
Mammillaria eichlamii
Mammillaria elongata
Mammillaria formosa
Mammillaria fragilis
Mammillaria geminispina
Mammillaria gracilis
Mammillaria grahamii
Mammillaria guelzowiana
Mammillaria haageana
Mammillaria hahniana
Mammillaria heyderi
Mammillaria huitzilopochtli
Mammillaria karwinskiana
Mammillaria lasiacantha
Mammillaria lenta
Mammillaria magnifica
Mammillaria magnimamma
Mammillaria meicantha
Mammillaria melanocentra
Mammillaria moelleriana
Mammillaria mystax
Mammillaria nagliana
Mammillaria nivosa
Mammillaria parkinsonii
Mammillaria perbella
Mammillaria picta
Mammillaria plumosa
Mammillaria poselgeri
Mammillaria pottsii
Mammillaria prolifera
Mammillaria rhodantha
Mammillaria schiedeana
Mammillaria sheldonii
Mammillaria sonorensis
Mammillaria spinosissima
Mammillaria theresae
Mammillaria voburnensis
Mammillaria wiesingeri
Mammillaria winterae
Mammillaria wrightii
Mammillaria zeilmanniana

Last updated:07 Mar 2015