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Family: lamiaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Nepeta

Nepeta cataria
Nepeta clarkei
Nepeta concolor
Nepeta curviflora
Nepeta cyanea
Nepeta densiflora
Nepeta discolor
Nepeta eriostachys
Nepeta × faassenii
Nepeta govaniana
Nepeta grandiflora
Nepeta grossheimii
Nepeta hemsleyana
Nepeta isaurica
Nepeta kokamirica
Nepeta laevigata
Nepeta lamiifolia
Nepeta lamiopsis
Nepeta latifolia
Nepeta longibracteata
Nepeta longipes
Nepeta melissifolia
Nepeta meyeri
Nepeta multibracteata
Nepeta musini
Nepeta mussinii
Nepeta nepetella
Nepeta nervosa
Nepeta nuda
Nepeta parnassica
Nepeta phyllochlamys
Nepeta podostachys
Nepeta prostrata
Nepeta racemosa
Nepeta reichenbachiana
Nepeta rubella
Nepeta scordotis
Nepeta sessilifolia
Nepeta sibirica
Nepeta sorgerae
Nepeta stewartiana
Nepeta subsessilis
Nepeta supina
Nepeta taxkorganica
Nepeta tenuifolia
Nepeta transcaucasica
Nepeta tuberosa
Nepeta ucranica
Nepeta wilsonii
Nepeta yanthina
Nepeta yunnanensis

Last updated:07 Jul 2017