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Family: boraginaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Onosma

Onosma acaulis
Onosma alborosea
Onosma ambigens
Onosma araratica
Onosma arenaria
Onosma armena
Onosma aucheranum
Onosma borysthenica
Onosma bourgaei
Onosma bracteata
Onosma bracteosa
Onosma briquetii
Onosma bubanii
Onosma caerulescens
Onosma cappadocica
Onosma caucasica
Onosma echioides
Onosma elegantissima
Onosma erecta
Onosma euboica
Onosma farreri
Onosma frutescens
Onosma glomerata
Onosma gmelinii
Onosma halacsyi
Onosma hispida
Onosma irritans
Onosma leptantha
Onosma lijiangensis
Onosma lycaonica
Onosma mertensioides
Onosma montana
Onosma multiramosa
Onosma nana
Onosma nemoricola
Onosma paniculatum
Onosma paphlagonica
Onosma polioxantha
Onosma polyphylla
Onosma pseudoarenaria
Onosma rigida
Onosma rostellata
Onosma rutilum
Onosma sericea
Onosma setosa
Onosma sorgerae
Onosma spruneri
Onosma staminea
Onosma stellulata
Onosma stellulatum
Onosma strigosissima
Onosma taurica
Onosma tauricum
Onosma tenuiflora
Onosma tornensis
Onosma tricerosperma
Onosma troodi
Onosma velutina
Onosma zayueense

Last updated:04 Mar 2015