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Family: asteraceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Packera

Packera anonyma
Packera antennariifolia
Packera aurea
Packera bernardina
Packera breweri
Packera cana
Packera cardamine
Packera castoreus
Packera contermina
Packera crocata
Packera cymbalaria
Packera cymbalarioides
Packera cynthioides
Packera dimorphophylla
Packera eurycephala
Packera fendleri
Packera flettii
Packera glabella
Packera greenei
Packera hartiana
Packera hesperia
Packera heterophylla
Packera hyperborealis
Packera indecora
Packera ionophylla
Packera macounii
Packera malmstenii
Packera mancosana
Packera millefolium
Packera millelobata
Packera moresbiensis
Packera multilobata
Packera musiniensis
Packera neomexicana
Packera obovata
Packera oodes
Packera pauciflora
Packera paupercula
Packera plattensis
Packera porteri
Packera pseudaurea
Packera quaerens
Packera schweinitziana
Packera spellenbergii
Packera streptanthifolia
Packera subnuda
Packera tampicana
Packera tomentosa
Packera tridenticulata
Packera werneriifolia

Last updated:27 May 2017