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Family: orobanchaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Pedicularis

Pedicularis acaulis
Pedicularis alaschanica
Pedicularis alopecuroides
Pedicularis altifrontalis
Pedicularis amplituba
Pedicularis anomala
Pedicularis anthemifolia
Pedicularis apodochila
Pedicularis arctica
Pedicularis armata
Pedicularis artselaeri
Pedicularis ascendens
Pedicularis aschistorrhyncha
Pedicularis atroviridis
Pedicularis attollens
Pedicularis atuntsiensis
Pedicularis axillaris
Pedicularis baumgartenii
Pedicularis bicolor
Pedicularis bietii
Pedicularis bracteosa
Pedicularis brevifolia
Pedicularis canadensis
Pedicularis capitata
Pedicularis caucasica
Pedicularis centranthera
Pedicularis cernua
Pedicularis cheilanthifolia
Pedicularis cinerascens
Pedicularis clarkei
Pedicularis comosa
Pedicularis contorta
Pedicularis corydaloides
Pedicularis corymbifera
Pedicularis cranolopha
Pedicularis craspedotricha
Pedicularis crassirostris
Pedicularis crenulata
Pedicularis croizatiana
Pedicularis cryptantha
Pedicularis curvipes
Pedicularis cystopteridifolia
Pedicularis daltonii
Pedicularis daochengensis
Pedicularis dasystachys
Pedicularis davidii
Pedicularis decorissima
Pedicularis densiflora
Pedicularis densispica
Pedicularis denudata
Pedicularis dissecta
Pedicularis dolichoglossa
Pedicularis dunniana
Pedicularis elegans
Pedicularis elephas
Pedicularis elongata
Pedicularis ferdinandi
Pedicularis filicula
Pedicularis filiculiformis
Pedicularis fissa
Pedicularis flammea
Pedicularis flava
Pedicularis forrestiana
Pedicularis fragarioides
Pedicularis friderici-augusti
Pedicularis furbishiae
Pedicularis furfuracea
Pedicularis garckeana
Pedicularis giraldiana
Pedicularis globifera
Pedicularis gongshanensis
Pedicularis gracilis
Pedicularis gracilituba
Pedicularis graeca
Pedicularis groenlandica
Pedicularis gyirongensis
Pedicularis gyroflexa
Pedicularis habachanensis
Pedicularis hirsuta
Pedicularis hoffmeisteri
Pedicularis hyperborea
Pedicularis infirma
Pedicularis integrifolia
Pedicularis interior
Pedicularis kansuensis
Pedicularis kariensis
Pedicularis kerneri
Pedicularis koueytchensis
Pedicularis kuznetzovii
Pedicularis labradorica
Pedicularis lachnoglossa
Pedicularis lanata
Pedicularis lanceolata
Pedicularis langsdorffii
Pedicularis lanpingensis
Pedicularis lapponica
Pedicularis latituba
Pedicularis leptosiphon
Pedicularis leucodon
Pedicularis likiangensis
Pedicularis limnogena
Pedicularis longicalyx
Pedicularis longiflora
Pedicularis longipes
Pedicularis macrodonta
Pedicularis mandshurica
Pedicularis mariae
Pedicularis megalochila
Pedicularis merrilliana
Pedicularis microchilae
Pedicularis mixta
Pedicularis monbeigiana
Pedicularis muscicola
Pedicularis muscoides
Pedicularis mussotii
Pedicularis mychophila
Pedicularis neolatituba
Pedicularis nodosa
Pedicularis obscura
Pedicularis ochotensis
Pedicularis odontophora
Pedicularis oederi
Pedicularis ornithorhyncha
Pedicularis orthantha
Pedicularis orthocoryne
Pedicularis paiana
Pedicularis palustris
Pedicularis parryi
Pedicularis physocalyx
Pedicularis pilostachya
Pedicularis pontica
Pedicularis porrecta
Pedicularis portenschlagii
Pedicularis potaninii
Pedicularis praeruptorum
Pedicularis procera
Pedicularis przewalskii
Pedicularis pseudomuscicola
Pedicularis pseudoversicolor
Pedicularis pycnantha
Pedicularis pyrenaica
Pedicularis racemosa
Pedicularis rainierensis
Pedicularis remotiloba
Pedicularis resupinata
Pedicularis rex
Pedicularis rhinanthoides
Pedicularis rhizomatosa
Pedicularis rhodotricha
Pedicularis rhynchodonta
Pedicularis rizhaonensis
Pedicularis robusta
Pedicularis rostratospicata
Pedicularis roylei
Pedicularis rupicola
Pedicularis schugnanica
Pedicularis scopulorum
Pedicularis semenowii
Pedicularis semibarbata
Pedicularis semitorta
Pedicularis sibthorpii
Pedicularis siphonantha
Pedicularis sphaerantha
Pedicularis stadlmanniana
Pedicularis stenocorys
Pedicularis stenotheca
Pedicularis streptorhyncha
Pedicularis subrostrata
Pedicularis subulatidens
Pedicularis sudetica
Pedicularis superba
Pedicularis takpoensis
Pedicularis taliensis
Pedicularis tapaoensis
Pedicularis tatsienensis
Pedicularis tenacifolia
Pedicularis tenera
Pedicularis tibetica
Pedicularis tsarungensis
Pedicularis tuberosa
Pedicularis variegata
Pedicularis venusta
Pedicularis verticillata
Pedicularis villosa
Pedicularis wallichii
Pedicularis wardii
Pedicularis wilsonii
Pedicularis yanyuanensis
Pedicularis yui
Pedicularis yunnanensis

Last updated:22 Feb 2015