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Family: caryophyllaceae

General resources

  • Wikipedia. Online encyclopedia entry (if defined).
  • GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.

Species of Silene

Silene hybrids and unidentified species
Silene acaulis
Silene aegyptiaca
Silene ajanensis
Silene alaschanica
Silene alpestris
Silene alpina
Silene andicola
Silene andryalifolia
Silene antirrhina
Silene aomorensis
Silene aperta
Silene aprica
Silene araratica
Silene argaea
Silene arguta
Silene × arkwrightii
Silene armena
Silene armeria
Silene arvensis
Silene asterias
Silene atigraca
Silene atrocastanea
Silene atropurpurea
Silene atsaensis
Silene auriculata
Silene baccifera
Silene banksia
Silene barbeyana
Silene baschkirorum
Silene behen
Silene bernardina
Silene bilingua
Silene bolanthoides
Silene borderei
Silene brevicaulis
Silene caesia
Silene caespitosa
Silene californica
Silene campanula
Silene campanulata
Silene canaliculatus
Silene capensis
Silene capitellata
Silene caroliniana
Silene caryophylloides
Silene catesbaei
Silene caucasica
Silene chalcedonica
Silene chamarensis
Silene chilensis
Silene chlorifolia
Silene chodatii
Silene ciliata
Silene coeli-rosa
Silene cognata
Silene colorata
Silene commelinifolia
Silene compacta
Silene conica
Silene coniflora
Silene coronaria
Silene cretica
Silene cucubalus
Silene damascena
Silene davidii
Silene delavayi
Silene depressa
Silene dianthoides
Silene dichotoma
Silene dinarica
Silene dioica
Silene douglasii
Silene drummondii
Silene elisabethae
Silene ermenekensis
Silene falcata
Silene fasciculata
Silene fenzlii
Silene fimbriata
Silene flos-cuculi
Silene flos-jovis
Silene foetida
Silene foliosa
Silene fortunei
Silene from
Silene fruticulosa
Silene fulgens
Silene gallica
Silene glauca
Silene glaucifolia
Silene gonosperma
Silene gracilenta
Silene gracillima
Silene grayi
Silene haageana
Silene hawaiiensis
Silene hicesiae
Silene himalayensis
Silene hirticalyx
Silene hitchguirei
Silene hookeri
Silene humilis
Silene hupehensis
Silene incurvifolia
Silene inflata
Silene invisa
Silene involucrata
Silene italica
Silene jenisseensis
Silene kantzeensis
Silene karaczukuri
Silene keiskei
Silene kingii
Silene kiusiana
Silene lacera
Silene laciniata
Silene lamarum
Silene latifolia
Silene lemmonii
Silene lerchenfeldiana
Silene lineariloba
Silene linnaeana
Silene longicilia
Silene longicornuta
Silene lucida
Silene lychnidea
Silene macrantha
Silene magellanica
Silene mandonii
Silene maritima
Silene menziesii
Silene mexicana
Silene meyeri
Silene monantha
Silene moorcroftiana
Silene multifida
Silene nachlingerae
Silene nigrescens
Silene nivea
Silene nurensis
Silene nutans
Silene odontopetala
Silene olympica
Silene oregana
Silene orientalis
Silene orphanidis
Silene ostenfeldii
Silene ovata
Silene palinotricha
Silene pardoi
Silene parishii
Silene parnassica
Silene parryi
Silene paucifolia
Silene pendula
Silene petersonii
Silene pharnaceifolia
Silene pindicola
Silene plankii
Silene plutonica
Silene polaris
Silene polypetala
Silene pratensis
Silene procumbens
Silene pseudoacantholimon
Silene pungens
Silene puranensis
Silene purpurata
Silene pusilla
Silene pygmaea
Silene quadrifida
Silene racemosa
Silene regia
Silene repens
Silene requienii
Silene rhynchocarpa
Silene × robotii
Silene roemeri
Silene rotundifolia
Silene rupestris
Silene ruprechtii
Silene ruscifolia
Silene samojedorum
Silene saxifraga
Silene schafta
Silene schmuckeri
Silene scouleri
Silene secundiflora
Silene serpentinicola
Silene setisperma
Silene sibirica
Silene sieboldii
Silene sobolevskajae
Silene sorensensis
Silene spergulifolia
Silene spinescens
Silene stellata
Silene stenophylla
Silene stewartiana
Silene subciliata
Silene succulenta
Silene suecica
Silene suksdorfii
Silene tatarica
Silene tatjanae
Silene thurberi
Silene tolmatchevii
Silene tommasinii
Silene undulata
Silene uniflora
Silene uralensis
Silene vallesia
Silene verecunda
Silene virginica
Silene viridiflora
Silene viscaria
Silene viscosa
Silene vulgaris
Silene wahlbergella
Silene waldsteinii
Silene wallichiana
Silene wardii
Silene wilfordii
Silene wrightii
Silene yanoei
Silene zawadzkii
Silene zhongbaensis
Silene zhoui
Silene zuntoreica

Last updated:27 May 2017