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Hippeastrum hybrids

Hippeastrum hybrids
A very promising bud, mid-March
In full bloom, late March
Hippeastrum hybrids

Common name amaryllis
Family amaryllidaceae
Life cycle perennial
Flowers various colors

After enjoying many amaryllis bulbs indoors in winter, I decided to try planting one outdoors now that I live in a climate where it stands a chance of survival. So our bloomed-out potted bulb went into a garden border in late winter, and spent the year with its broad leaves unobtrusively soaking up the sunlight. Winter knocked it back a bit, to where it looked a little iffy by mid-January. I nearly gave up on it, but then it sprang back to life and vigor, sending up a stout flowering stem in mid-March, giving rise to magnificent flowers a couple weeks later – at least as nice as the indoor ones the previous year. Then it surprised us by putting up another flower stalk about a week later, which the indoor ones never do for me. So I think I'll start a modest collection of amaryllis – for variety in shape and color, I may need to look beyond the local Trader Joe's next year.

Second flower stalk, a week or so after the first
Hippeastrum hybrids
Bursting seed pods – this being a sterile hybrid, the flimsy black seed cases are all empty, but it still looks cool
Sure enough, next year I purchased a few different bulbs from an online supplier. Not all of them bloomed, and at least one was a different variety from what I ordered, but in early spring they all went into the garden, in various locations, hoping for some pizzazz next spring. For now, a few photos taken from the potted bulbs indoors

Hippeastrum hybrids
'Moon Scene'
Hippeastrum hybrids
'Red Peacock'

In our garden, this plant grows in the following areas: back fence border, waterfall pondside, left fence border, foundation border

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