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July 01, 2006. There's good news and bad news on the garden critter front - both uncovered during a delightful early-morning stroll through the still-cool garden, wet from days of drenching rain and summer dew. First the good news: froglets! We've had frogs in our pond for many years - but never have we seen evidence of procreation. Then all of a sudden, this morning - four littluns sunning themselves on the lily pads. Somehow the spawn must have escaped our voracious fish this year. Will we have a croak chorus next year?
Unfortunately, the other critter news quickly depressed my mood - the first Japanese beetle sighting of the year. I found the first one and dispensed of it, hopeful of containing this year's infestation - only to find that the pussy willow was literally crawling with the disgusting creatures and their excrement. Benny helped me squish a bucketful, but I'm afraid that such feeble measures will barely dent their onslaught...

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