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Pennsylvania plant sale

Now that I've been gardening in Texas for nearly six years, and having coped with killing freezes in several of the past winters, I have a good idea of which plants are survivors in our climate -- and many of those, after years in my garden, are showing their happiness by multiplying (through spreading or self-seeding). I also start more plants from indoor seeding operations than I can accommodate long-term in my garden. So I've decided I'd like to share my bounty through occasional plant sales, much like I used to do in Pennsylvania, where my once-a-year plant sale was an eagerly awaited event among local gardeners.

My garden in the western suburbs of Houston is much smaller than the one in Pennsylvania, so the number of plants on offer (as well as the number of different varieties) will necessarily be limited. And since I suspect that county ordinances and HOA rules won't look kindly on the kind of massive garage-based plant I used to offer, I am going about it in a more low-key fashion, offering my greenlings from a backyard table on weekend afternoons in spring. My advertising is limited to a few social-media posts, so the sales go at trickle volume – but that's OK.

I've been busy potting up plants – you can see the expanding list of varieties here. You can contact me at the link at the bottom of this page if you'd like to ask about the availability of any particular plant, or to make sure I'll be there when you plan to stop by.

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Last modified: April 16, 2022
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