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These youngsters didn't leave much of their host plants standing
August 26, 2006. My, has it been almost two months? Let's call it the mid-summer slump. We started summer with extreme wet (enough to cause severe flooding in the area) and then, much stealthier, the weather turned very dry, with an intervening heat wave. So now I can walk through the garden and point at dead plants: that one succumbed to root rot - too much water; and that one died of thirst. But dead plants isn't the first thing that would strike you about our late-August garden - the untidily lush growth in many areas jumps out much more. My fault, of course: the usual confluence of heat and humidity in the daytime, mosquitoes at dawn and dusk, make the outside less enticing right now.
But that's not to say there hasn't been much to enjoy - we had a good year for butterflies, especially monarchs. I give credit to the tropical milkweed we planted in the cutting garden. The photo shown here was taken a few weeks ago; by now the next generation is emerging as pristine adults, ever so gracefully gliding and swooping through our garden. Good luck in your south-bound adventure!

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