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Christmas rose, its white flowers already fading to pink
April 14, 2007. The garden at this time of spring dishes out both joy and disappointment: there's the old stand-bys that reappear better than ever (like the Helleborus niger pictured here); and the ones that finally gave up the ghost. The new plants, started as seedlings last year, showing all their promise in fresh new foliage; and the ones that proved not hardy or otherwise unsuitable for our garden conditions, their empty spots marked only by lonely markers. It's also a dangerous time to draw definitive conclusions about the persistence or demise of these plants, since many are still hiding underground. But there's no doubt that this past winter was rough on many perennials - with temperatures staying in the 70s for a week in early January, only to drop down to seasonally appropriate freezes, promptly followed by weeks of wetness. The garden is looking decidedly bare for this time of year. But with a spring order from McClure & Zimmerman around the corner, and a near-record crop of seedlings from this winter's operations, the empty look won't persist for long.

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