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November 23, 2007. Since that snowfall last weekend (which managed to accumulate enough for snowman production!), the weather has been all over the place - rainy and cold, rainy and mild, sunny and warm (short sleeves warm!), and finally, chilly and windy. In the process of all that, the large weeping cherry in the side garden managed to drop nearly all its leaves, making the most amazing yellow carpet underfoot. This photo doesn't really do it justice...
Meanwhile, the silliest things can give the gardener a sense of triumph. Earlier this year, I was disappointed when the Syneilesis palmata apparently hadn't set seed - I watched the fluffy seed heads on the first stalk to ripen with great anticipation - but finally, found only fluff. Bummer - this was the first year that I had several plants blooming all at once, I figured seed set was a shoe-in. Since then, several more flower stalks had started to strut their fluff, but I had already all but given up. So when I grabbed a handful of the spent flowerheads yesterday, I was almost giddy to notice a bounty of nice fat seeds hidden inside. Something to remember for next year - wait for the second flush of flowerstalks to go to fluff

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