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March 30, 2008. The gardening season has begun in earnest: I've got my first big project of the year under my belt! For years, the front perennial border had been looking a bit dilapidated. It was the first area of the garden cultivated twelve years ago (even before the lawn went in), and although many plants had come and gone since then, it had not undergone a real overhaul, and was clearly in need of one. The soil had not been deeply improved ever. I was a beginning gardener at the time, and thought a few bags of store-bought organic humus should suffice to turn the native clay into decent soil. Even with all the compost top-dressings over the years, a few inches down the soil left much to be desired. So the first order of the day, yesterday, was to collect a pickup-load of mushroom soil from my steadfast source. Next job was to dig up all of the plants (some just barely showing signs of life), toss them aside, and mix plenty of wheelbarrows of the fragrant black stuff in with the crumbly clay. Next, install some new path lights (the ancient plastic Malibu's were looking pretty awful, and the solar replacements never worked so well), and allow Amy to direct where the perennials should be replanted. Fewer than half were allowed back in, so I spent the final part of the weekend potting up lots of plants for my sale in May.
And that, dear friends, was the end of smooth, blemish-free hands - at least until the dog days of summer.

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