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April 13, 2008. Going three for three on recent weekends, with a major reorganization each week. This time it was the side garden's turn. The first part of the garden that was reclaimed from the lawn, more than ten years ago, its original design worked just fine for the bare space. Several paths wound themselves through the fairly narrow garden area, defining circular and oblong areas for planting. One circle got a weeping cherry, another (after a few other things died) finally wound up with a crab apple. Both have grown up, and claimed much more space than we anticipated as novice gardeners. So yesterday, in a long overdue operation, I pulled up all of the paths in the front half of the garden, and remade them - a bit further away from the trees. Also, one path is now clearly the main drag (a bit wider and more direct), while others are for casual perambulation of the garden. Of course I took the opportunity to reorganize the plantings as well - many tired old specimens and spreading thugs didn't make the cut, leaving lots of room for new plants. Which is fine by me - I've got a basement full of seedlings! We also made a spring trek to Point Philip Perennials yesterday, and returned with a carfull of goodies. If only I could maintain this early-spring energy throughout the season...

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