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June 01, 2008. This was the year our silver maple, planted alongside our big pond's bog filtration zone, decided to set seed - in great abundance. Thousands of large propellors dropped into the bog and surrounding areas a few weeks ago, doing a great job of clogging up flows and skimmers. And now, many have decided the time is right to germinate - wherever they happen to have been carried. A great many of them had accumulated in the pebbly overflow area between our bog and the pond proper, which is already inhabited by string algae. A symbiotic situation, it seems, since the maples were happy to grow in the shallow flowing water, their roots secured by the green mass around them. I picked as many of them out as I could today - and also vowed that the tree would have to go. This fall, it's coming down - probably to make place for the much slower-growing paperbark maple that's been living in our nursery area for some years now.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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