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July 19, 2008. Most gardeners specialize - some like cottage gardens, other prefer rock gardens or formal designs. Likewise, we all have our preferred ways of doing things - whether it's mulching, staking, or new border construction. When it comes to propagation, I have thus far specialized on seed-starting, building lots of experience and preferred methods over the years. But I've neglected the very useful vegetative means of propagating plants. I doubt I'll ever do tissue culture, but I decided I should at least give basic methods of growing from cuttings a try. For years, I've kept a copy of an HPS/MAG newsletter (now available online) that described how to build a Nearing frame, a garden structure especially suitable for starting cuttings outside. Last week I finally got around to cutting up an old sheet of plywood, and painting and assembling the pieces into the structure shown here. It will get partly buried, with the main opening facing North, and rooting media inside. As was the case with seeds, I expect many false starts and failed attempts - but hopefully I'll learn enough about cuttings and such to makes extras of at least a few of my favorite garden denizens. Wish me luck!

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