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February 15, 2009. Ah, it's that winter garden journal slump again. Not much to report on out in the garden recently. But of course I've not been slacking altogether. It goes without saying that seed-starting is a full-blown operation by now - the last few weeks brought big seed exchange shipments from NARGS and HPS/MAG; combined with seeds from earlier trades and collected from the garden, that makes for hundreds of varieties started already, and many more to come. Of course I've been keeping notes of my germination results on my plant profile pages. But there's other activity on as well: over the past few weeks I've started a new experiment called PlantLinks. It's an attempt to collect and organize links to many quality information pages about plants all in one place. So far, I've added links to many of my favorite garden information websites (at the time of this writing, 24453 links to 15293 species in 2685 genera), and I hope to continue the effort (at a slower pace) in months to come. It will only become truly useful if I tap many more sources, but do take a look and tell me what you think.

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