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August 23, 2009. Two weeks ago I made one of my treks out to Point Phillip Perennials, on the other end of the Lehigh Valley. Their fall perennial sale usually raises me from my summer-heat-induced garden apathy, and I always return with a good crop of new plants. So also this year. The perennials for sun quickly found places in the garden. But with the shady characters, I face a problem: I bought them to help in the transition of our side garden from a sunny space (ten years ago) to a dappled shade zone (mostly due to the large weeping cherry in its center). But what to do with all of those plants already living there? I've run out of sunny borders to put them, so I have to make some hard choices - which invites procrastination. And that's why, two weeks later, the assembly of hostas, heuchera, tricyrtis, athyrium, and pulmonaria is still patiently waiting in a corner of the lawn.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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