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Chippy's new friend, a 24-volt powerhouse
September 09, 2009. Thirteen years ago, after I moved into the neighborhood and the mounds of construction soil had been transformed into expanses of lawn, I invested in my first modest push mower - a red 4HP MTD unit, as basic as it gets. It has served me well all these years, but it finally gave up the ghost (my attempts to repair it helped the demise along, I'm afraid). So last weekend, I bit the bullet and shelled out for a new lawn-mowing device. Ta-da! Behold the Black & Decker CMM1200 cordless electric lawn mower. After my purchase of a McCullough electric chipper/shredder, it was only a matter of time before the gas can would become obsolete at our Lush Gardens. That day has arrived. Our lawn is a bit large for this mower - it is recommended for lots no larger than 1/3 acre, and ours is almost 1/2 acre - but with all my efforts to conquer the lawn and convert it to garden through the years, the lawn area has shrunk almost enough – almost, because I came up about one minute short of finishing the entire lawn on a single battery charge on my first attempt. I may need to develop a different routine - perhaps do the front yard one day, the back yard the next. Anyway, I think it will be worth it, to get away from the noise and the fumes.

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