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February 07, 2010. Still in the middle of the winter journal lull. Yesterday brought a nice snow storm to our area, dropping 6-8" of powder on our garden. The area in the picture here is part of our side garden, featuring a bench whose slats rotted out some time ago (but which we keep around for general ornamental value), and a gazing globe set aside for the cold season. Not much outdoor gardening going on, though. Since I didn't get around to much garden cleanup this fall, I'll have my work cut out for me once milder weather returns. But that doesn't mean my gardening activities overall are in a lull as well: I'm in the busy season of seed starting, with dozens of varieties already growing under the lights, over a hundred varieties in various stages of anticipated germination, and my usual worries over space under the lights are starting to crop up. I received my seed exchange order from NARGS last week, and expect to see the HPS/MAG order any day now. I'm overwhelmed, but in a most exciting way.

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