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April 04, 2010. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain! What? No, it's not that the garden is too dry - we had a downpour Monday and Tuesday. It's just that all this warm sunny weather is wearing me out! It just wouldn't be right to stay inside, so I'm out all day, doing this job and that in the garden, none of which by itself is exhausting – but at the end of the weekend... I started out Friday afternoon and Saturday morning redoing part of the side garden: the part that used to feature an "herb circle" (long since superseded by an herb garden elsewhere, its stone steps completely obscured by the plants that took the herbs' place) as well as a comely garden bench (the slats rotted out a few years ago, but I leave the metal structure in place as an ornament - I planted two ligularias to grow up through it). I completely rerouted the path; hopefully the new version will actually be navigable come summer. Some of the original denizens got replanted in the new beds; some made their way into the sunnier curve garden. And a few plants, including some that I had in temporary holding awaiting their new partly shaded home, took up new residence. There's lots of room for more, as I once again eliminated bunches of plants.
The rest of the weekend was a hodge-podge. Plenty of plants from all over the garden found their way into pots for the upcoming sale; I replaced the blades in chippy, and made a dent in the towering plant debris pile (spring cleanup does that). Then I hacked down the last of the large grasses and other dead stalks from last year, and pruned some of the shrubs that were getting too pushy (the debris pile is as towering as ever now).
So why, with the cherries, apricot, flowering pear, peaches, assorted hellebores and daffodils, a few tulips, violets, and rock cress in bloom, did I choose to accompany this entry by a picture of fuzzy new growth on a Western serviceberry? Because I'm always sure to notice all those bright blooms, but I still like to be surprised by things I haven't ever paid such close attention to!

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