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April 11, 2010. Ack! What a week! Following on the heels of plenty of unseasonably warm weather in March and early April, we had three days of temperatures in the high 80s this past week. Which meant that all the flowerbuds that were patiently waiting to show off their color went into overdrive, and bloomed themselves out in one fell swoop. The dogwood that normally blooms in May did its thing a full month early. And Magnolia 'Elizabeth', pictured at right, already looked tired a day after it started blooming. Amy made fun of me this week, as I was cursing Ma Nature for making the height of early spring (the season to which I look forward most) last a mere three days. But I guess I'm over my frustration by now, as a milder (but still warm) weekend got me focused on many other things. I'm aching now, mostly from taking down the massive yew that had dressed up the front of our house for the past dozen years (it had started to obscure a front window and just got too big for its space), and moving the smaller (but still sizeable) Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Snow' from a different part of the garden to take the yew's place. When I first got 'Snow', I was under the mistaken impression that it was a dwarf conifer. When it grew taller than me in the past couple of years, I knew I would have to move it from the middle of the perennial border where I had planted it - but had procrastinated on doing so until now. My bed will feel mighty good tonight.

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