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April 18, 2010. Another busy weekend. Breezy and cool, following a thunderstorm on Friday - good spring gardening weather. Potting up plants for the sale was in high gear, but will be slowing down from here on out: it's time to start getting this year's seedlings into the ground! Meanwhile, I spent some time getting an area of the side garden that was getting overrun by several bullies into a fresh and clean state. The offenders included the imposter adenophora (most likely Campanula rapunculoides), which I've not been able to banish from the garden despite years of concerted effort); coltsfoot, a weed which I was foolish enough to allow to develop out of curiosity, before realizing it belongs to the conquer-the-world-by-roots clan; and sea oats, which I appreciate in their proper place, but have the unfortunate tendency to seed around indiscriminately.
As part of my efforts to clear out the woody-plant nursery area of the vegetable garden, I waged battle on my Amorpha fruticosa specimen, which was surprisingly strongly rooted for its size. Amorpha won the first round, skinning my pinky finger in a couple of places with one of its stubs. But after seeking medical attention from Amy, I won the battle. I don't think I have a use for Amorpha in our garden (I'm sad to admit, because it certainly has its charm). If you'd like to own the tree that eventually succumbed to my superior hacking skills, let me know - I'd prefer to give it a home than send it through Chippy.
And guess what, even with all the frenzied activity, I still had time to stroll around for a few minutes, just to observe what's going on in the garden, and noticed this pretty little columbine by our shed. We have none like it in the garden (most of ours are Nora Barlow types), and I didn't plant it there. But I'm happy to accept this delightful gift.

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