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May 02, 2010. It feels good to sit here, showered and in clean clothes, a little past 11pm on the Sunday after Plant Sale #10. As in previous years it's been a hectic few days. I always take a day or two off before the sale, just to get myself organized for the madness that ensues around eight o'clock on Saturday morning (Amy counted 39 people in our two-car garage at 8:10!). It was fun as always, with plenty of familiar faces, and somewhat predictable favorite selections (although there are always surprises: plants that used to sell out didn't, and some that were not as popular in previous years went quickly this time around). It seems like the whole affair is over earlier every year - this time, the crowds had died down by 9:30, replaced by a gentler trickle of customers until about 11, when it was just about completely over. Which suits me fine, because now I have the usual unsold plants to deal with: do they go into our own garden areas, or into nursery or sale plot gardens? How to organize the wild variety of pots that were left behind by recycling-minded plant lovers? And, not least, the ongoing task of getting this year's seedlings into the ground. The photo here shows some sturdy seedlings of Salvia azurea, a species I haven't previously grown. They'll live in the nursery area for a year; hopefully, they'll survive winter, so that next spring they can find permanent places in our garden (with perhaps a few left over for the sale - after all, I'm always looking to update my assortment!)

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