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May 30, 2010. The weather has taken a turn to the warmer. Some hot and sticky days this past week, but luckily, today it was merely warm, not too humid. A perfect day for the swimming pond, which is still in the process of being cleaned up for the new season. I've now assembled a duo of long-handled tools: one with a strainer on its working end, for scooping plant debris and algae from the pond; the other with a small broiler pot, for lifting the pebbles that accumulate in the bottom of the pond and redistribute them to their original locations, where they hide the rubber liner. Today was the first time this year the kids came in too, so we did some exploring. One find: several damselflies emerging from their larval stage into adulthood. I liked the one pictured here best: almost using the lilypad as its grand stage, making a triumphant appearance onto the scene (complete with larger-than-life shadow).

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