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June 07, 2010. Plants come and go in any garden - and I suspect the turnover in ours is quite a bit larger than in most. A good part of the fun of gardening to me is experimenting with growing new things, many of which turn out to be not hardy, misplaced, or just unhappy. Every year there are many occasions when I suddenly realize that this or that plant just failed to return - in many cases despite seeming happy the previous season. So it was, I thought with this Kenilworth ivy, which had the misfortune to be planted in a corner off our patio behind the gas grill, where it had to contend with many much taller neighbors. I had noticed it was struggling last year, and didn't notice its return at all this year - until I stepped out onto our patio today, and there it was - right by my feet. It had traveled about six feet along the foundation of the house to find a spot where it got a bit more light, and was presenting its happy-faced flowers and dainty little leaves to the incoming sun rays. Brought a happy smile to my face, too!

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