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July 11, 2010. I'm finding it hard to work up much motivation to go out into the garden these days. Four weeks of heat and no rain have taken a big toll on most plants. Even with sprinklers and hand-watering efforts, many plants perished or are looking pretty awful right now. The side garden is usually an undulating sea of foliage in various textures at this time of year - but as the photo here shows, many contributors to that sea are looking beat. We finally got a nice rainstorm a couple nights ago - too late to turn the appearance of the garden around, but hopefully in time to save many plants from an even worse fate. At least it's an opportunity to look around for plants that are still looking good, and working more of them into garden areas designed for drought tolerance.

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home garden plants wildlife seed plant sale topics guestbook journal plantlinks

Last modified: September 09, 2009
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