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cobra lilykins
February 05, 2011. It's been a pretty miserable start to the year, weather-wise: throughout January and the start to February, we've had snow, sleet, or freezing rain about once every three days or so. Only one whopper storm, but enough to keep the kids out of school for more days than any previous year. There have been plenty of pretty views out the back window - snow-covered and ice-lined trees always look stunning - but not much incentive to actually venture out into the garden.
So, like every year, most of the action has been down in the basement, where the seed-starting operations are in full swing. I've been getting better at deciding the timing of which seeds to start when, so I have no reports yet of seedlings that have unexpectedly sprung into bloom at this early stage - but there are plenty of cute and/or voluptuous seedlings, like the Arisaema candidissima pictured here. Part of the lack of blooms may be my late start to this year's operations: I didn't engage in my regular Autumn seed trading, and wasn't quite as motivated to start shuffling seeds and baggies as in years gone by. Until I got the NARGS seed exchange shipment last week, and several generous trades this week. Now I'm up to my ears in seeds, with a big backlog of varieties to start, but I'm smiling over several new-to-me varieties that have already germinated. Garden 2011 is well underway!

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