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Kenilworth ivy close-up
May 08, 2011. Phew! That was several days of hard work. The days leading up to the plant sale are always crazy, with lots of moving plants around, finding and making photo signs for them, last-minute potting up of plants that I somehow forgot to include in the assortment. Then the sale day itself starts off busy as can be, with most of the action occurring in the first hour of the sale. After 9 o'clock, I can take a breather. I made the mistake of saying I wouldn't have as many plants this year in the message I sent out to my email list; as a result, I think fewer gardeners showed up. Since I in fact had almost as many plants as previous years, that meant I had a good few left over. But they are going to find good homes: I already set many of them aside to donate to the HPS/MAG plant sale next week, put a bunch of others in the sale plot, and designated the rest for filling in holes in our own garden (there are many of those, thanks to last summer's drought). The aftermath took the rest of the weekend (interrupted by Ben's baseball game on Saturday, and playing coach at Max's soccer match on Sunday), so I'm enjoying some downtime now, Sunday evening. Poor Amy didn't get much Mother's Day attention...
As crazy as things get, I try not to lose sight of the unfolding scenes in the garden. I'm much enchanted this year by the show put on by the Kenilworth ivy, which migrated from a different part of the garden (which it apparently didn't much care for) to just next to our patio door steps. Which means we get to enjoy it every time we step out the back door.

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