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May 21, 2011. Wonderful day for gardening: a warm sunny Saturday on the heels of a rainy week. The kind of day that the hours in the garden just seem to run together – on my way to set out some annual seedlings in a garden area, I notice something that needs to be done elsewhere and get diverted for a while. Then a plant catches my attention for one reason or another – it might be the first time I see it bloom, or I've never before quite noticed its new growth habit, or its developing seedheads. Eventually I return to the original task, only to be waylaid again on my return trip to the seedling stash.
Besides setting out tiny perennial seedlings in the nursery area, and annual seedlings elsewhere in the garden, I just flitted about. A few highlights: I did battle with bindweed in several areas of the garden – skirmishes in a war I wage annually, and will never win, but cannot ever withdraw from (the aftermath would be dreadful). The magnolia in the vegetable garden I wrote about a few weeks ago finally came down (it looks very empty there now). The leek seedlings have now found their way into the vegetable garden, which is starting to take shape for the year. And the assault on algae in the big pond has commenced, with new tactics to hopefully conquer the green stuff more effectively this year. Along the way, I was charmed by the Viola bertolonii coming into bloom (just a few months after sprouting from seed), the light-blue-flowing stems of Campanula moesiaca, the fluffy seedheads of Antennaria plantaginifolia, and the blue combo at the street end of the driveway bed – an area that has been difficult to populate with reliable performers in years past, looking particularly cheerful right now with baptisia, Siberian iris, and penstemon in blue and lavender shades.

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