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June 19, 2011. We were relaxing around a pond-side patio campfire this evening, dusk rapidly closing in shortly after 9 o'clock, when my eyes wandered around the garden and fixed on something bright. It took me a second to realize that the color was coming from the Oenothera glazioviana at the front of our curve garden. That front position is a bit of a mistake, since the large plants overwhelm smaller front-of-border plants nearby, and the coarse leaves aren't particularly pretty. But right at that moment, I was glad to have it up front and center, so that it could beam all its radiant pale-yellowness in unfettered fashion. I haven't actually caught the oenothera (which came to us as seeds of 'Tina James Magic') in its spiral unfurling act, but I was happy to catch a shot of its night-time allure, with a little help from my tripod.

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