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August 13, 2011. The mid-summer journal slump has gone for longer than usual. Since the last post, we had a little garden tour come through, which was a nice opportunity to tidy up and appreciate the garden. Shortly thereafter, we entered into a long period of hot dry conditions, an early repeat of last year's disheartening drought, which kept me out of the garden (besides moving sprinklers around) for the most part. Then came the kitchen renovation project, and Cub Scout Day Camp (which Amy runs, turning our family life upside down for a week), and all of a sudden we're into mid-August! Luckily, we had some good rainstorms since July came to a close, the lawn has started to green up again, and things are looking decidedly lush (aside from a few bare spots where more recently planted horticultural assets did not survive). As usual, a month of neglect has taken its toll on tidiness; this means lots of overgrowth, but also creates some interesting garden combinations where neighbors flop into each other. This morning, I ventured out into the garden with my camera for the first time in weeks, and happened upon this little scene in the side garden, lit up by a few stray rays of the still-low sun. A patch of volunteer phlox stands proudly next to Hydrangea 'Limelight', with a view of St. Francis serenely communing with the animals in the background. I'm looking forward to spending more time in the garden from here on out. After all, seeds need harvesting, weeds need pulling, and the late-season flowers are begging to be admired!

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