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September 26, 2011. And the rain, it kept on coming – after Irene came Lee, a mere tropical storm but just about as wet. So what with the July drought followed by record rainfall in late summer, I've just not kept up with things. Not that the garden ever looks in tip-top shape around this time of year: this is when I enjoy the haphazard combinations of late-summer flowers in all their floppy glory. The photo here shows the view into our Lane garden: it's what you see when you look to the left coming out of our front door, and it greatly concerns Amy, who sees tripping hazards and places for uncouth individuals to hide and stage an attack on our home. She's right, of course. And I'll hack it all down soon enough – but for now, I'm enjoying the view. Especially since this is just about the only part of the garden not overrun by bindweed (see what happens when you slack off for a month or two!)

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