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March 28, 2012. When I overhauled the rock garden a few years ago, I constructed the south-facing side as a fairly steep slope, with just narrow slots of planting space between the upward rocks. My aim was to establish drought- and heat-tolerant plants that would appreciate excellent drainage on that side of the garden. This spring, the vision is coming to some sort of fruition: the sedums, sempervivums, eryngium venustum, and penstemons are doing a nice job of filling the spaces, with some fine cascading action. The photo also highlights the fact that, due to my rock selection strategy (pick up any rock you can find at construction sites etc.), the rock garden isn't exactly convincing replica of a natural mountainscape. But for now, I'm content with the performance of the plants. If only the finnickier species reserved for the north and east sides of the garden would prove as hardy and resilient, I'd have it made!

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