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August 05, 2012. If you've explored my site in detail, you know that my garden is full of frogs – of the ornamental variety. So when the pump that powered a sad little waterfall in our patio pond gave up the ghost, and we went to buy a replacement at the local home improvement store, my eye fell on a frog-shaped pond fountain on the shelf below. Not high art by any stretch of the imagination, but hey, it spits pretty far, making a much better water-in-the-garden sound than my waterfall ever did. The rest of the little pond is pretty sad right now, having been ignored in recent years. The cattails are falling over each other, and the waterlilies get shaded out too much by neighboring shrubs to do much in the way of flowering. The fish rarely show themselves (we don't feed them, but there's plenty to eat); so the primary points of interest right now are Mr. spitter frog, and his cold-blooded live look-alikes.

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