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October 22, 2012. Offspring from the 'Zebrina' hollyhock mallow I bought in my first season of gardening is still with us many years later. By now, I never know where it will pop up – it's almost a weed in our garden, since I rogue out most of the seedlings that emerge in spring. The plant, like its cousin the hollyhock, is coarse-leaved, and early on in the season just gets in the way and takes up space – space that I'm trying to fill with all kinds of exciting new seedlings and young perennials. But inevitably, a few plants escape my attention – and that's a good thing, in fact I count on it, because I wouldn't want to be rid of the gaudy blooms of Miss Mallow altogether. I was reminded of that again this weekend, when on a balmy-breezy stroll through the decided fall-tinted garden this specimen suddenly caught my eye. How the heck did I miss that the whole summer, right in the middle of the curve garden? Beats me – but it's a fun statement in the garden right now, with most of the other plants in the midst of shutting themselves down for the season. So I hope it drops some seed – or that the seed store left by its ancestors is not yet exhausted from our garden.

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