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December 22, 2012. Well, heck, it's not anything to do with gardening, but I have only one playground on the web, and this is it. If you're not interested in peg puzzles or java applets, you can safely stop reading now. But if you like a little light distraction in this holiday season, it might be worth a minute or two of your time to visit my new triangle peg game page, which features a little java applet I wrote. My son Max recently decided that he'd like to learn programming in java (to program online games, of course), so like a good father, I figured I should probably find out what java was all about and help him along. And what better idea for a first programming project than solving that immensely frustrating triangular peg puzzle found at Cracker Barrel tables all around? Computers are much better at solving them than I will ever be, so if you want to find the best solution to any starting arrangement of pegs, just take a look. Nothing fancy, mind you.

I guess I should put a little bit of gardening content in this post, just so you won't think I'm totally tuned out of the green scene. Not at all: I started my seed-starting operations for the year a few weeks ago, and already have a tray of pots with little green things poking their heads up. Just last week, NARGS issued this year's trade list, which I quickly perused to place my annual order – and I'm looking forward to the HPS/MAG seed exchange catalog to arrive any day now. All of which isn't particularly photogenic, which is why you get a triangle game picture instead.

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