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January 26, 2013. After a rather mild start to January, we were finally hit with real freezing temperatures this past week, down to the low teens overnight and not rising above the low twenties in the day – topped off by a bit of a snow shower yesterday. So at this point, the perennials' mettle has been adequately tested: evergreen, or hibernating through winter? Most of our plants obviously fall into the second category, but it's always nice to see a few buck the trend. The rock garden is a good place to spot patches of live foliage this season. And that's where I found this Limonium virgatum ssp. dictyocladum this morning. It's one of those minute plants that can only be appreciated in the rock garden setting. I had to blow the powdery snow off, but underneath, the tiny leaves looked surprisingly fresh after the abuse they'd been served this week. The bare flower stalks from summer still remain Other photo ops included the curious buds of Parrotia persica and the flowers of our witch hazel. I'm glad there are some things to look at outside, even as the basement is filling up with the seedlings that will head outdoors this spring.

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