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April 01, 2013. As promised in my last entry, an update on the ducks, who have by now explored the yard a bit. It's absolutely amazing how quickly ducks grow! When they came home with us, they were just little downy things, but now, not even two weeks later, they've grown into creatures that more resemble mature duck form. We had to rename them – Amy had initially settled on Brock and Lee, but when it became obvious we had two girls on our hands, they turned into Cally and Flower. They had some distinguishing features at first (not least of which was Cally's larger size), but as they grow into their adult feathers, it's becoming harder to tell them apart. In any case, they enjoy the back yard, especially the pond-side. Even though they can swim, they seem happier wading in the shallow bog filter, or just scuttling around the pebbles along the side. The crazy things try to eat everything – hopefully they'll figure out what's actually edible eventually. Quite endearingly, they follow us around the yard most of the time (I never fashioned myself as a mama duck, but there you have it). With the warmer weather upon us recently, it's only a matter of time now before they graduate to permanent outdoor status. Once they grow their wings, it will be up to them to decide whether they wish to make the Lush Gardens their permanent home, or seek their luck elsewhere.

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