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A peek at the plants potted up for sale
April 20, 2013. Phew! After two days of non-stop hard work – I took yesterday off to work in the garden – I feel like I'm close to being ready for the sale a week from today. For the most part, all the plants that need to be potted up for the sale are safely in their temporary containers, looking forward to new homes. Sure, there will be a few more added to the list between tomorrow and Friday, but the list won't change at nearly the frantic pace as it has over the past two weeks. The garage is still a mess, and will need to be completely overhauled to accept the display tables; many plants still needs tags, all of them need to be priced – so there is a boatload of work ahead of me, but the "enough plants already" moment is always a welcome turning point in plant sale preparation. I actually spent a good part of today's gardening getting the new seedlings out into the nursery area. This year, I have only a few weeks to get the many hundreds of seedlings into the ground, so things will stay just as busy after the sale!

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