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April 27, 2013. It feels good to sit down. Another plant sale come and gone – yay! We got lucky with a beautiful day: not only was it warm and sunny, but there was hardly any wind to blow plant signs all over the place. Every year the sale seems to be over earlier; I think there was only a slow trickle of customers after 9:30 this time around. Which does give me some time to actually talk to those fellow gardeners, rather than madly rushing all around the sale area to point out plants, remove signs for sold-out varieties, and reorganize where plants get moved out of place. Thank goodness Amy is around to take care of tallying and payment, because those first thirty minutes are all-out hectic.
By 11 am, the place was deserted, and I actually got to venture out and overhaul a section of our driveway bed that had gotten too overrun with thistles to deal with piece-meal. So while the last few customers swung by, I was digging out every bit of soil from that area, trying to get all the mint and thistle roots, setting aside the few desirables that still survived, and then putting the (compost-amended) soil back in place. An ulterior motive: to have another place ready to accept some of the many left-over plants looking for homes. So that's where one of the Agapanthus went (I expected those to sell quickly, but they didn't; I'm still trying to figure out the plant popularity thing!), as well as some irises, daylilies, dianthus, and assorted other perennials. Then the local Boy Scout troop came and delivered the mulch I had ordered, which meant I had to figure out which plants to put in the front perennial border so that all digging was done before the mulch went on. Several more perennials and loads of mulch later, I settled into post-sale mode proper: figuring out what to do with each of the hundreds of unsold plants. Many will go into the sale plot, some smaller ones to the nursery area to bulk up for another year; a good number will find their way into the various other garden areas. And I'm keeping a few aside to send to the local community college in case they can use them in their garden areas. A big operation, but it's well underway (and certainly doesn't take as much time as potting them up in the first place). So yep, I'm tired. Good night to you all – and thanks for stopping by the sale, if you were able to make it today!

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