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May 14, 2013. It's the middle of May, and when I checked the weather forecast last week, I didn't spot any night-time lows below 40°F. So over the past week, all of the tender vegetables went out into the garden. Meanwhile, Ma Nature was smiling serenely – she had a trick up her sleeve, in the form of a late-season frost. Sure enough, by this weekend, the weathermen were calling for freezy lows last night, and judging by the chilly weather and clear skies overhead, I gave them a fair probability of being right this time. So between coaching soccer and attending a scout meeting, I worked in some plant protection chores yesterday evening: all the tarps I could lay my hands on came out, to be draped across tomato cages, fences with nearby cucumber and pepper plants, and those succulent squash starts (some of which got a bucket overhead as well). Sure enough, a glance out the window this morning showed the tell-tale glimmer of frost on the lawn, and closer inspection revealed many plants covered in shimmering ice crystals – like the Phlomis russeliana in the picture here. Luckily, my precautions appear to have done the job: all of the plants look like they're alive, although a few of the cucumbers are a bit worse for the wear. According to the forecasts, we're once again out of the danger zone. Keeping my fingers crossed that was the last scare of the season.

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