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the troughs have taken over the patio table!
June 13, 2013. As you may have gathered from my March 24 entry, I've recently ventured into a new gardening endeavor: creating and planting hypertufa troughs. It will be at least another year before I can gauge how well this is going to work out, but for now, I have a nice little collection of troughs, planted with a selection of small succulents and alpines. Since I maintain pages for each of my garden areas, it was clearly time to dedicate a page to the trough collection, which now constitutes its own, albeit more portable, garden area. So here you go. I hope to update the page from time to time, showing new additions to the trough assembly (a new batch is on its way, courtesy of a flash of inspiration this weekend), and documenting the development of the plants now living in these porous containers. As I gain experience, I also hope to put together a page with some how-to information and personal experience with the hypertufa-making process. But that idea joins a long list of "things I'd like to do with this website", so don't hold your breath.

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