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Dino in action
January 05, 2014. Since I'm the gardener type in the family, the novelty green gifts come my direction at our Christmas gift exchange. Last year Amy gave me a create your own crop circle kit (which I admit I haven't actually started). This year, it was a dinosaur plant, which came as a shriveled ball of dried-up mossy material, with promises of a spectacular rejuvenation when watered. And sure enough, dino did not disappoint. I neglected to take a picture in the fully dehydrated state, but the photo at left was taken just seconds after wetting the plant in some lukewarm water. The photo at right is after a few hours, when green color and a semblance of lushness have returned. Nice!
The informational materials and the accompanying website were good enough to describe the paleo-history of my plant, but didn't tell me what the plant actually was. Luckily, modern search engines leave no stone unturned, let alone a novelty item like this – so I quickly found out that I likely have an individual of species Selaginella lepidophylla, which is in the spikemoss family. It supposedly likes to dry out completely every now and then, which is fine by me – that's what happens to many of our houseplants anyway :-)

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