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my single clump of {GalanElwes:Galanthus elwesii} doing its cheerful thing
March 22, 2014. Right on cue, there she is: Spring 2014. This winter was long, snowy, and cold. Most years, there will be the occasional warm spell in winter, but there wasn't too much of that this year – so the snow that fell in February stuck around for quite a while. But then, all of a sudden, even though it didn't seem like the mercury was particularly rising, the snow started to recede. By early this week, it had disappeared from our front perennial border, and behold: the snowdrops did exactly what they're supposed to do. There they were, popping their blooms to announce the new gardening season. And even though it was still cold for a few days after that, today was truly one of those lovely early-spring warm days, beckoning gardeners to return to their passion. And so I took up the call. Not overly ambitiously, just yet, but some of last year's perennial stalks are trimmed away, the out-of-control Knockout roses are pruned back, and I even got around to transplanting two small trees in the back yard, which I decided were too close together (and too close to other nearby trees) after I dug them in last spring. They'd better be happy with their new locations, because I'm not moving them again! Hopefully, from here on out there will be more to report here at Rob's Plants...

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