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May 25, 2014. The nice thing about growing plants in troughs (especially if you keep those troughs on your back patio table, as I do – much to Amy's dismay) is that they invite up-close inspection almost every day. So you notice your plants in the morning, afternoon, and evening, as they go through the things that plants like to do during their work-a-day life. Take this Arenaria tetraquetra, raised from seed this spring: it looks like an unassuming, hairy little bit of nothing during most of the day, just biding its time till it can burst into bloom next spring (stay tuned for that!). But in the early morning, it exhibits its amazing ability to trap dew from the cool night air – it is literally a soppy mass of tiny droplets captured in the dense hairs covering its leaves. Some of those droplets are coalescing, and will likely fall to the ground before the morning sun burns them off. So my guess is that this is a moisture management strategy on the part of this little sandwort. Impressive, eh?

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