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May 26, 2014. Six weeks have passed since the overhaul of the rock garden, and by golly, it's starting to look nice. I stuck just about all second-year plants from our nursery area that were suited to the conditions into the newly expanded rockery. Even though it still looked sparse at the time, the plants have expanded by now, and just as importantly, have started to bloom. We're at the height of columbine bloom, with various species providing a full spectrum of color. Sedums and a small oenothera provide bursts of yellow, aethionemas are sporting their pink flower clusters, and the penstemons are about to do their thing, too. There are still a few pockets with room for more – so I managed to find some space for a few succulents purchased from Point Phillip Perennials yesterday. It's fun to walk around the rock garden and watch the progress at this time of year. The display should be even better in 2015!

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